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Medication Counseling

Sometimes with all the complicated medication names  and dealing with multiple prescriptions at once, things can get just plain confusing.  And sometimes your physician simply doesn’t do a good enough job of explaining your conditions and how the medications should be taken.

This is where Aumiller’s Pharmacy comes in.  We are a local, independently owned pharmacy that believes in professional and personal customer care.  We make it our job to keep you fully informed and completely self-assured when it comes to taking your prescribed medications.

Our three experienced pharmacists are here to help and council you as you navigate through the maze of prescription drugs.

We offer advice on:

  • Side effects, proper dosage, and instruction on when and how much too take.
  • What to expect/do if certain situations arise.
  • The differences between brands and strengths of medications.
  • Questions you should ask your doctor.

Visit or call us next time you are unsure about your medications, and we’ll be glad to help.

Did You Know? – Our pharmacists will review each of your medications in detail so you know exactly what has been prescribed.