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Medical Supplies / Accessories

Don’t be fooled by the fact that we are a local and independently owned pharmacy.  Come in and be pleasantly surprised by the large selection of medical supplies and accessories we carry.  In some cases we have supplies and resources that the larger chains don’t carry.

We provide quality functional products to help you maintain your independence such as wheelchairs, walkers, canes, crutches, braces, and all associated accessories for each. We carry specialized care and convenience products such as bath stools, rubber mats, shoe horns, padded toilet seats, bed pans, and more. We provide the needed supplies for those that struggle with respiratory and pulmonary disorders such as nebulizers, nebulizer kits, aerosol masks, and peak flow meters. In addition, we carry first-aid and wound care supplies such as gauze pads, wound care gels, gloves, bandages, xeroform, tape, and cast protectors.

Our selection of supplies and accessories are more comprehensive and specialized than what you will find in a large chain store, and often priced lower.  Furthermore, as a local establishment, we believe in taking the time with each customer to personally guide you through our options to find what accessories will best suite your needs.

Did You Know? – Aumiller’s has one of the largest selections of medical supplies and accessories in Schenectady County