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Schenectady's Family Pharmacy

Aumiller’s is an independent pharmacy that strives to provide personalized customer care. For over 100 years, we have provided a friendly, welcoming and trusting environment for our customers in Schenectady County. As a trusted wellness provider we not only supply prescription care but also specialty pharmaceutical services. We take pride in our family oriented culture and our goal is to ensure that each customer is fully educated and understands their prescription medication(s). Our motivated staff is dedicated to continuing our tradition of being Schenectady’s trusted advisor for pharmaceutical services and welcome all into our family.


Filling your prescriptions at Aumiller’s Pharmacy means you’ll be treated like family. We accept all insurances, and we offer convenience, knowledgeable advice, and a caring attitude.

Medication Counseling

We make it our job to keep you fully informed and completely self-assured when it comes to taking your prescribed medications.

Medical Supplies & Accessories

Our selection of supplies and accessories are more comprehensive and specialized than what you will find in large chain stores, and often priced lower.

Wound Care

Whether you are troubled with a scraped knee, bedsores, skin ulcers, or any other type of wound, we have experience in assisting physicians and patients as they seek the proper wound treatment.

Meet our Pharmacists

We take pride in building a personal relationship with each of our customers and we are available to help address any of your questions. We invite you to get to know more about our pharmacists!

Serving Schenectady for Over 100 Years

View our videos below to learn more about us and hear what some of our customers have to say.

Get To Know Us

For over 100 years, Aumiller’s Pharmacy has been serving Schenectady,NY and surrounding areas across multiple pharmaceutical areas.

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Importance of the Flu Shot

Stop in to the pharmacy without an appointment or if you prefer an appointment call ahead or book one…

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Hear From Our Customers

Hear from some of our customers on what make’s Aumiller’s different and why they enjoy us.

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What customers say about Aumiller's Pharmacy

  • "I am disabled and I come to this pharmacy to get medicine. I like Aumiller's Pharmacy because of the people that work here. Everyone is really friendly. When you come in the door they all greet you and ask how you are doing. That's why I like coming here and I have been coming here for many years."

  • "I come to Aumiller's because the pharmacists and the staff are very knowledgeable and very friendly. One of the reasons I come here is because there are never any lines and I can usually get my prescriptions filled while I wait; very friendly staff and the prices are the same."

  • "I like the idea of coming into a place that isn't soul less and not a giant conglomerate. I have been coming here since I was a kid."